PhotoTop 4.0 Digital Templating

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Just over ten years ago we invited serious fabricators to “Meet the New Boss” at Stone Expo in LasVegas. (see pic on lower right of page) Introducing the most sophisticated digital templating system to the industry was exciting and the quick acceptance of this great technology by early adopters led us to purchase the company and brand a short time later. We then set out to bring more and more user features to the system while integrating it with production equipment and office management software. Upgrades and improvements continue due to our close relationship with users who have recommended ideas for changes that can make their jobs easier and faster.Today PhotoTop™ by Fab Choice® is being used on five continents and is the first choice for fast, accurate, digital templating by companies of all sizes everywhere. Now our SmartSHOT™ camera can send the templators onsite images of web-based, cloud job data and return the completed template pattern for approval in minutes. While the template information is then available to the countertop production equipment, it is also ready for estimating, job tracking and scheduling along with profit analysis.PhotoTop™ has become an important tool in our aggressive Digital Manufacturing “30% Production Improvement Goal” we set with our Shop & Business Plan Consulting clients. It is the foundation of total production and business integration we have successfully achieved for fabricators seeking new efficiencies and profits.

Camera-To-Production At Internet Speeds!
Digital integration is simply a smart idea. So we created PhotoTop SmartSYNC™ along with SmartSHOT™ for the ultimate efficiency and ease of use. While SmartSHOT™ automatically organizes photos and calibration files SmartSYNC™ transfers these files through the cloud in PhotoTop™ -ready format to production. With SmartLINK™ customer and job information from office systems like Moraware, Stone Profits or your existing office software systems are automatically captured to maximize output and profits.

Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All.
It’s not just for big guys using PhotoTop™. The fact is every fabricator must get the most out of every job by insuring a template is created with the least amount of time and materials and especially, without costly errors. So we offer user plans with flexible ways to integrate PhotoTop™ in shops of all sizes. And, PhotoTop™ allows you to plan for growth with system upgrades as needed. Start by choosing the right system custom fit to your business operation.

PhotoTop™ Templating Customized to Your Specific Needs
FIELD KIT ONLY – Example: Shop has one templater using a Master Dongle and SmartShot™ Kit digitally integrated with web-based office systems.

SATELLITE DONGLE SYSTEM – Example: A company with 3 to 5 templaters or more where even sales people will do templating uses a Master Dongle and as many as 5 SmartShot™ Kits all digitally integrated with office systems.

MASTER DONGLE SYSTEM – Example: Three templaters have availability of PDFs instantly available onsite use a Master Dongle + 3 Satellites and 3 SmartShot™ Kits.

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